For ZRN affiliates

Are you a Solar Energy Recycling Netherlands Foundation (ZRN) affiliate? If so, you have a say in the composition and activities of our Board. 

How you can exert influence on ZRN

ZRN is managed by representatives of the Dutch solar energy sector. They appoint a Member to the OPEN Foundation’s Board and play an advisory role to that Board Member. In that role they  represent your voice as a ZRN affiliate. 

If you are interested in having a say on the composition, decision-taking and activities of the ZRN Board, please read the following options.

  • You can table a subject on the agenda and/or advise the ZRN Board accordingly. Please submit your advice in writing. It is preferable to do this jointly with other ZRN affiliates. The Board will decide on its position and inform you in writing.
  • If a seat on the ZRN Board becomes available, you can put forward a candidate that represents your interests.
  • The Board will elect a candidate from the nominees and will introduce the proposed candidate to the affiliates. If you object to this candidate, you may make this known. If you gather enough supporters, the Board will withdraw this candidate and propose another.
  • If you and other ZRN affiliates believe that an incumbent Board Member is not performing well, you can send the Board a reasoned argument to replace the Board Member. The Board is not obliged to act on this advice, but will always give a reasoned response.

Collaborating with other ZRN affiliates

In regard to the rights listed above, your position will be stronger if you submit your advice jointly with other ZRN affiliates. The minimum number of supporters you need to make your position enforceable is given in the Membership Rules and Regulations. See our list of affiliates for contact details.

Contact ZRN

Whether you wish to share your thoughts individually or in a group, you are always welcome to contact us.