Rate increase OPEN

(temporary text, computer-translated from Dutch)

OPEN has announced a substantial rate increase to its participants. This rate increase is necessary to meet the requirements of the recycling legislation.


Indeed, one of these requirements is to issue a 'guarantee'. The guarantee must provide assurance that sufficient funds are always available for recycling. OPEN provides this guarantee by setting up a fund to pay for the total amount of waste (to be collected and processed) for the next five years. ZRN sought input from the market in spring 2022 on the frameworks that should apply to this solar panel guarantee.  OPEN's guarantee fund was developed based on these frameworks.


One of the preconditions the market has given OPEN is that OPEN announces the price increases of its tariff well in advance. To meet this precondition, the price increase will take effect on 1 July.  This will give the market six months to adjust to the price increase. During this period, OPEN will take the last necessary steps to ensure the level playing field. OPEN will also use this time to further prepare the guarantee fund.

For those interested, ZRN will further explain the contours of the guarantee in an on-site session. Would you like to attend? Then send an e-mail to info@stichtingzrn.nl.