About the OPEN Foundation

Effective on 1 March 2021, manufacturers and importers of solar panels are required to be affiliated with the Organization for Producer Responsibility for E-waste Netherlands Foundation (the OPEN Foundation). The OPEN Foundation arranges your compliance with the WEEE directive. This means that it arranges the collection and recycling of your solar panels and any associated registrations. It does this on a non-profit making basis and as efficiently as possible.


The mandatory affiliation with the OPEN Foundation applies to all producers and importers of solar panels, inverters and other electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). These producers and importers are also obliged to pay the OPEN Foundation a waste management fee. These obligations emerged from an algemeenverbindendverklaring (AVV, General Binding Statement, in Dutch), that took effect on 1 March 2021. The benefits of this AVV include the following.

  • It will allow the creation of a level playing field for all producers in the solar energy sector. This will put an end to unfair competition from parties that do not contribute to the costs of collection and recycling.
  • The collection and recycling of your products will be done effectively and efficiently. You can get on with your business without worrying.
  • Its large group of affiliates means that the OPEN Foundation has a powerful voice in the Netherlands’ seat of government in The Hague. It will represent your interests effectively.

The OPEN Foundation and your interests

While the OPEN Foundation takes over much of your work, you still have a voice as ZRN represents your interests at the OPEN Foundation.