Governance framework

The concept framework is shown in the table below.

Please note the concepts explicite focus industy interests alone. Additional topics that should be included in the governance framework are financial and legal aspects. As this is highly specialised knowledge this will be generated by expert fiscal and legal advisors.





Solar modules including BIPV (modulated fees possible)

Other (solar) electronics

Type of costs

Direct and indirecte costs for the collection and recycling (overhead included)

Research. Research should be paid out of the regular budgets of foundation OPEN.


As collateral for OPEN to guarantee the price paid for future recycling costs in case this is required for a long term contract with recycling companies. But only if it leads to an advantage in terms of costs or faster implementation of improved, (more circular) recycling facilities.

Financing pilots for circularity s out of scope. Should this be needed then this should be paid out of the regular budget of OPEN.

Governance of the guarantee fund


A separate entity, bound by statutes. The entity is independent from foundation OPEN.


The fund has its own board, where:

-          Members of the board should be approved by the solar industry;

-          Solar experience isn't required for all board members. The majority of the board should be rooted in the solar industry.

Changes of statutes

Alterations to the statutes can only be made with formal approval from the solar industry.

Investments & payments

Investment profile

-   Investments should be sustainable. The exact definition is to be determined but investments in fossil fuels are excluded.

-   The investment profile is neutral, keeping a  minimum of liquidity ( the value of ½ yr. anticipated waste available in cash, 1 yr. antipated waste should be liquid within 6 months, it should be possible to get 2 yr. anticipated waste liquid within 1 yr.



-   Only allowed in case a strict 'pay as you go system' would lead to too large price inreases;

-   Only allowed after approval by 'solar-industry approved' representatives.


-   The financial statements of the guarantee fund should be made available to the solar industry;

-   Decisions made about payments and investments should be well document and transparant for the solar industry. An industry commissioned inspection of the administration of the guarantee fund should always be possible.  

Would you like to have more context? Please watch the complete presentation about this framework on youtube (in Dutch only).