As a producer or importer of solar panels, you are an affiliate of the OPEN Foundation. ZRN represents your interests in the OPEN Foundation. We do this by appointing a Board Member that has solar panels in his/her portfolio to the OPEN Foundation’s Board and by playing an advisory role. In this role we represent the voice of the solar energy sector. If you want your voice to be heard, join ZRN.

Why join ZRN?

Joining ZRN means being involved indirectly in the OPEN Foundation as affiliates have the following rights and benefits.

  • You can co-determine the appointment of ZRN’s Board Members. Indirectly, this also gives you a degree of influence over the selection of the ZRN appointee on the OPEN Foundation Board. You will thus be sure that you are represented by someone that you stand behind.
  • Independently or jointly with other producers, you can issue advice to ZRN’s management and suggest points for the agenda. This gives you some say over both the direction that ZRN takes and your interests in the OPEN Foundation.
  • You will be kept abreast of the most important developments at the OPEN Foundation and the other WEEE issues that affect your company. ZRN will do this through newsletters and on this website.

Joining is free of charge

Being a ZRN affiliate does not cost any money nor does it take time. All you need to do is register.